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BERT – A new Google Algorithm Update.

There is a great Hype and rumor about the BERT update. Why Google Need this Update? What will be the effect on the SEO? Is this going to change to the search method in google. There were Lot of Question but here i will try to Answer all the Questions in a Simple Manner.


BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing pre-training. In plain English, it can be used to help Google better discern the context of words in search queries. In Easy word It is a technique to understand to User’s search queries.

Why we need BERT?

IF we say Why we need Bert? The ans will be to provide the best relevant result for small as well as for the long search keyword for the User’s search queries. Let’s Understand by a Example. 1. You Search for ONE FOURTH OF TEN and in other search you write QUARTER OF TEN. Both have the same meaning but google will show diff result for both. To Improve and erase this confusion Google Update their Algorithm. 2. Initially Google Search algorithm provide best result for Small searches like for 2-3 or Max 4 word searches. But this Update will provide the best result for even more than 8 word of searches. If you type some long tail search than the BERT will compile all keyword and will relate with other keywords in the search and after completion it will provide the best result. In last you can say all the search confusion will be erased and you can search as many as long tail search you want.



BERT may affect the search result of SEO. It mainly effect the Snippet SEO result when it will be applied. In a Interview Britney Muller, SEO scientist of Moz, gave some deeper insights into BERT. “I would like to first clarify that we lack information about how Google works, as does nearly everyone, even top engineers at Google,” Muller began. “We are seeing a slight uptick in featured snippets around 20%, more so in mobile than on desktop. However, this isn’t an overwhelming uptick as it only restores the appearance of featured snippets to pre-Oct 5th levels,” she said. In simple word you can say it will Improve the SEO results and provide you the best search result.

  1. Websites Targeting Irrelevant Keywords Will Take advantage . 2. Long-Tail Keywords Become More Important. 3. Localized Content May Have a Greater Impact Than Translated Sites  4. Relevant Content Will Continue to Produce the Best Results

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