Shaheen Bagh- The New Kashmir Of India?

Is Shaheen bagh Becoming the New Kashmir of India?

The non-violent protesht of shaheen Bag that started om 15 dec has completed 46 days till 30 Jan today. This shaheen bagh Movement has 2 sides. One side calls it an attack on the Indian Constitution. Other side calls it initiative of humanity for refugees from other countries. May be both sides are right. but the way the things are going is right? Is this not the Example of lack of communication? Is Shaheen Bagh new Kashmir of India?

Here are some Serious Question on Shaheen Bagh Protest. 1. According to ED and some Media reports, A banned organization called PFI funded 150 CR. for shaheen bagh. Is this True? 2. The Seditious Speech of Sharjeel Imam questions the relevance of Shaheen Bagh. 3. If NRC has not come Yet, even Not the Draft then why this movement about NRC is now on? 4. The “AAZADI” slogans at Shaheen Bagh protest is really meaning ful?

Shaheen Bagh

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