UNSC Issue : India gets back at Turkey for supporting Pakistan on Kashmir

In a replied move India has reprimand Turkey for its military operation in Syria against the Kurds. India urged Turkey to exercise restraint and respect the territorial integrity of Syria. It also said that Turkey’s actions could undermine stability in the region as well as the fight against terror. Since India rarely comments on the complicated situation in West Asia, this is being seen as New Delhi chiding Ankara for backing Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

President Of turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Ever since India abrogated special status for Jammu & Kashmir, Turkey has been raising its ‘concerns’ for the plight of Kashmiris. But ironically it finds nothing wrong in invading another country to fight what it describes as terrorists. Incidentally, the Kurds have been one of the key forces fighting the Islamic State terrorists. But Turkey doesn’t seem to care. Instead, it wants to create a safe zone in Syria to resettle Syrian refugees by eliminating the Kurds.

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